Thursday, 7 July 2011

Goodbye Scum of the World - Hello Sunday Sun
Breathtaking for its audacity and sheer brass neck, the statement by James Murdoch was quite incredible. In subsequent interviews where he gave an excellent impression of a rabbit in the headlights, he continued to defend the indefensible and deny the undeniable. 
Rebekah Wade/Brookes must know where an awful lot of bodies are buried. 
Over 200 journalists and other staff will lose their jobs. Yet she keeps hers. There is reported to be absolute fury inside Wapping tonight as staff contemplate a most uncertain future and yet Brookes sails blithely on. 
Then out creeps the news that there is a plan to launch the Sunday Sun - the web name had already been purchased earlier this week. 
Cynical or what.
After what could be called a ‘Murdoch Spring’ when ordinary folk rose up in their hundreds of thousands and declared enough. The Millie Dowler revelation horrified most of the country. Subsequent scandalous revelations poured petrol onto the inferno. Drastic action had to be taken as the harm was spreading across the Murdoch empire - share price dropping, advertisers walking away - the brand was toxic. And Parliament, after years of craven subservience to the dirty digger was finally getting off its knees and speaking up. Hallelujah!
So to save the empire a limb must be amputated. Will it work? It is quite a gamble - there are still many more shocking stories to emerge, court cases and possible sentences for many executives and senior journalists at the Scum. The move to launch a Sunday edition of the Sun will be seen by most as a calculated move to keep the money rolling in. But there is a big but....
What if advertisers and citizens feel the entire brand is tarnished? What if the whole of the empire is seen as toxic? What if the whole thing crumbles into dust? 
Bring it on.

An as for Cameron - he too looks like a rabbit in the headlights as all his schmoozing and cruising puts him right in the dock. Guilty by association. Or to put it another way - if you are prepared to get into a pool filled with sharks then understand that you could get your willy bitten off.

Call me Dave has become call me dickless.

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