Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Met and the Masons
It is a weird thing that in this modern age there are among us people who cling to the relics of a bygone era. A time when secret societies flourished and to belong to one was a way of getting ahead in a competitive world. That such a society is deeply enmeshed within the Metropolitan Police is deeply troubling. The rituals undergone to become a mason reveal an organisation which is irrational, anti-enlightenment, bigoted and undemocratic. 
There are some who claim it is harmless and that it is a society which helps its members in trouble.
It is an organisation devoted to mutual back-scratching. It is an organisation with a proven record of corrupting justice, planning applications and business. It is an organisation with its claws well and truly embedded within all strata of our society. Which is why there was a move in the 1980’s to outlaw it from the Met following yet another corruption probe. The fact that the Freemasons opened another lodge specifically targetted at the Met within a year of the campaign showed the contempt the organisation holds for ordinary folk and the Rule of Law. 
There is a thread running through much of the phone-hacking and paying police saga. Nick Davies writing in the Guardian back in early June pointed out that one of the rogue investigators used by several newspapers, Jonathan Rees, had used his membership of the freemasons to gain information from corrupt policemen, customs officers, tax officials and bank employees. He was not alone. 
Any member of the police found to be a freemason should be dismissed. There is no place in the Rule of Law for secret deals and ‘arrangements.’ Justice needs transparency - which is the last thing the Freemasons want.

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