Saturday, 16 July 2011

Murdoch and the Pope
What a combination. The man from hell meeting the head of an evil empire. You decide who’s who. Murdoch senior became a Knight Commander of St Gregory after donating $10million towards a new cathedral in Los Angeles. Having obtained his 'knighthood' (cash for honours anyone?)  Sir Rupe would have more influence in predominantly Catholic countries. 

James Murdoch is reported to have paid £100,000 to have a personal audience with the Pope during last year’s papal visit. Neither of the Murdochs are catholics.
Battered by all sides for their sins, both organisations seem made for each other. They have each made abuse (and its cover up) their stock in trade. 
It will be ironic if the contact with the Murdochs was the tipping point for decent catholics who have so far kept schtum about the systematic covering up of child abuse. The latest revelations from Ireland (overshadowed by the Murdoch news) show that nothing has changed despite the fine words. The Vatican still collude with protecting the abusers. They still do not pass on details to the civil authorities. They still deny the victims justice.
Just as ordinary folk have vented their anger at News International to such effect, is it not time that decent catholics threw out or rejected their so-called superiors?
Failing that, what about starting a breakaway church? 
Finally, a large group of christians recently left the Church of England to join the Catholic church. They left the C of E for the kiddyfiddlers over the issue of women priests. Hard to credit but true. How do these pious fools feel now when they learn of the contacts between the Murdochs and the Pope?

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