Monday, 25 July 2011

The Vatican and Child Abuse
“....some degree of surprise and disappointment at certain excessive reactions."
This must rank as one of the more incredible reactions to emerge from the den of iniquity otherwise known as ‘The Vatican.’ The statement from the Vatican Press Office was in reaction to the entirely justified howl of outrage by the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The PM was finally expressing in Parliament the concerns of many Irish citizens who have listened to report after report castigating the Catholic church - not only for systematic child abuse - but also for covering it up. 
There has been a deafening silence from the political establishment until  this latest Cloyne Report exposed abuse and cover up as recent as 2009 in the Cork area. Like the Millie Dowler phone hacking, this has been a tipping point among the establishment.  For years they have colluded with the excesses of the Catholic Church. At long last a political leader has told the truth. 
And the Vatican’s response? “Disappointment at certain excessive reactions.”
Disappointment? Excessive? They have not seen anything yet.

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