Monday, 4 July 2011

Scum of the earth

So, the bar has just been lowered. All those of you who have dismissed the phone hacking story as a storm in a teacup had better think again. The revelation that a Private Investigator acting on behalf of the News of the World hacked into Milly Dowler’s mobile phone, listened to her voicemail messages and - get this - deleted some so they could listen in to fresh ones, takes this episode onto an even more serious level. Who is shagging who is of interest to the prurient and those engaged in celebdom.  Listening in to the calls of senior politicians and to police engaged on high level investigations is more serious. What has been revealed today goes much further. Interfering with evidence is a criminal act. Causing untold distress and raising unjustified hope in a family in despair is beyond the ken of decent folk. Those found guilty should face a criminal court. 
There are no depths to which this despicable organisation will not sink. Anyone who thinks they were uniquely awful in the slimy world of the tabloids should get out more. The deafening silence from papers who specialise in celeb scoops has been remarkable. As each sad chapter unfolds, their squirmy behaviour comes closer to the light.
Today’s news could well be a tipping point in this scandal. Politicians, the Met and the redtops are linked in a symbiotic dance which affects the way we run our democracy. MPs have admitted being scared of the power of the Murdoch press yet a Government Minister is actively contemplating giving that same empire even more media power. It is disgraceful and there should be a howl of outrage directed at Jeremy Hunt. The initial investigation by the Met was so awful it cannot just be put down to incompetence. There has to have been collusion with the execs at News International. Andy Hayman enjoyed several meals with them as he was ‘leading inquiries’ (or helping cook up the initial scenario of the rogue journalist and the private detective)? Hayman left the Met to write for the Times shortly after the first crap investigation was concluded. Co-incidence or corruption? 
Rebecca Wade/Brooks and Andy Coulson are once again back in the frame. They were the editor and deputy editor when the Milly Dowler case broke. They have also been implicated for similar activities in the Soham murder case. They claim they did not know about these activities. It is an incredible position to sustain. It came at the time the News of the World was waging war on paedophiles. For them not to know what was being done in their name means that they were too stupid and incompetent in their job to run a national paper. What would you rather be known for? Being a knave without a vestige of a moral compass or a useless clueless idiot?
A full public enquiry is essential when (eventually) the current investigation has run its course. In the meantime please contact the Minister for Culture Jeremy Hunt and let him know just what you think about this disgraceful, slimy, sleazy, despicable outfit otherwise known as News International. And remind him that he works for us, the citizens of the uk, not a media magnate who once was an Australian but became an American to further his ends.
And hats off to Nick Davies, the Guardian reporter who has battled on in the face of much hostility and massive indifference to lift the lid on this cess pit. He is a journalist in the finest tradition of his profession. Quite a contrast to the scum who run the News of The World.

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