Saturday, 23 July 2011

Murdoch Hague and Blunkett

Plain-speaking Yorkshireman Hague was on the Today programme earlier this week defending Cameron's decision to hire Andy Coulson. He also defended Cameron having 26 meetings with News International executives in 15 months. Hague added that it was not unusual for Cameron to invite Coulson to spend the night at Chequers in March, two months after his resignation.

Not such a surprising reaction when Private Eye revealed that between 2003 and 2005 Hague had been paid 'more than £180,000 per year' to write a column for the News of the World (editor at the time – Andy Coulson).

He is not alone. Another bluff Yorkie also enjoys taking the Murdoch shilling. David Blunkett has an Advisory post for corporate social responsibility (file under 'You couldn't make it up') for News International, (6-month contract, £25,000). This is in addition to many other money-making opportunities regularly taken by the greedy Blunkett who represents Sheffield Brightside constituency. It is one of the poorest constituencies in the country. 

It is deeply sickening how our political class cast their principles aside as they demean themselves for cash. It would be wonderful to see our MPs for what they really are when they speak in Parliament or appear in the media. They should wear outfits similar to those worn by racing drivers. They should have to wear the logos or badges of the companies and organisations they are being paid by. In Blunkett's case it would be quite a challenge fitting them all in.

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