Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What If?
What if members of Her Majesty’s Opposition used ill-gotten information to boost their election chances? What if that information made a difference to the outcome of the election? What if their illegal actions had been discovered during the election? What if their illegal actions are discovered after they had won the election?
For those who are still unconvinced that the phone hacking scandal matters, the above questions are pertinent to where we are today. Our democracy has been subverted by a powerful media group. It has been with the connivance and collusion of our political leaders. 
Only the LibDems emerge from this debacle with any honour. Not a sentiment expressed very often recently. Murdoch and his minions despised them - and they made it very clear to all and sundry in their daily rags. Anyone impressed with Ed Milibean should remember he said nothing when he met Murdoch at a party three whole weeks ago. Cameron is even worse with his christmas dinners and frequent ‘off-the-record’ chats with the Murdoch mafia.
So what if the evidence emerges that there was skullduggery before and during the last election? Can we expect all the facts to emerge? Can we expect another cover up? Can we expect a fresh election?
Watch this space.

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