Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cameron and Murdoch

Listening to the Murdochs yesterday it was clear just how corrupt our society has become. For over thirty years the Murdoch Media empire has had a baleful influence over our democracy. Thatcher was the first PM to really get into bed with them. She refused to refer the company to the Monopolies Commission against the wishes of the Labour Opposition. What followed set the template for politicians thereafter. Michael Foot was regularly pilloried and ridiculed by the Murdoch press. Neil Kinnock had similar treatment. Throughout that time, thanks to a not insignificant third party, the Social Democrats, and the first past the post voting system, the Tories enjoyed sizeable majorities with barely a third of the votes.
The 1992 election was close. The tories scraped home with a small majority. A further 1% swing would have thrown them out.

The egregious Tony Blair, being very aware of this travelled to Australia in 1995 to prostrate himself at the feet of King Rupe. It worked – although some would reasonably argue that Murdoch backs winners and had sensed the public shift against the tories.

What has happened since then has been quite disgraceful. Alistair Campbell, Mandelson, Blair and many others courted the Murdoch regime. Forget democracy. How would this play with Rupe?

Gordon Brown in his rant of rage last week was another with selective amnesia. He courted the regime as assiduously as the rest but suffered when the worms turned. They did so with a vengeance.

Cameron continued where the NewLabour spivs left off. His decision to employ Andy Coulson is still incredible and reflected the perceived need to keep News International on side. The links between the tories and News International were reinforced by the acquisition of Neil Wallis to help the election campaign.

Our Banks are rotten and run by greedy corrupt bastards. Our media have many rotten apples who are also corrupt greedy bastards. It turns out the Met has many greedy corrupt bastards too. And as for the political class.....well we have seen many of them for what they are too. Greedy corrupt unprincipled bastards.

For years we have derided other parts of the world for their corrupt practices. They in their turn now look at us. It is time for wholesale swingeing reform from top to bottom.

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