Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Nasty Party are back

For anyone in any doubt that the Tory Party remain the nasty party, the leaked letter describing the effect of benefit cuts on the poor should make them think. As the evidence revealed in todays Observer spelt out.
“■ 40,000 families will be made homeless by the welfare reforms, putting further strain on services already "seeing increased pressures".
■ An estimated £270m saving from the benefits cap will be wiped out by the need to divert resources to help the newly homeless and is likely to "generate a net cost".
■ Half of the 56,000 affordable homes the government expects to be constructed by 2015 will not be built because developers will realise they will not be able to recoup even 80% of market rates from tenants.”
What was not made clear, but has been emphasised since is the way that housing benefits are used to subsidise lower paid workers in London where the cost of affordable housing has skyrocketed. Until subsidised accommodation is  built - (anyone remember council houses?) and that is a long way off, many essential but poorly paid jobs in London will not be done as folks cannot afford to live there. Whoops. 
As usual when something serious happens to the detriment of our political leaders they disappear into the woodwork. “No Minister was available for comment.” Quite happy to make people homeless but scared stiff of justifying their callous deeds. 
The LibDems must feel like virgins in a whorehouse as they try to justify staying put yet continue holding their noses and not looking too closely at their bedmates. 
Come on guys! Have a go at the bankers and high rollers - not the poor.

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